If you would like to be included on an email list used to promote CYTA sponsored events, please submit your name and email address. If you want information about specific teachers, styles, events, studios, conditions or recommendations click here and contact one of the CYTA yoga teacher members directly.

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If you are interested in sharing information with the CYTA community, the current CYTA communication policies are:

CYTA “outside” communication venues (for example, the website, face book page, the CYTA email list, public relations releases, etc. – anything that goes out to the public) are used strictly for CYTA sponsored events. Public communication resources are not used to promote specific members, their studios, events or products. At this time advertising cannot be purchased for CYTA public promotional venues.

CYTA “inside” communication venues (CYTA CONNECTIONS e-publications) are intended to provide an exclusive means for CYTA members to communicate with each other about specific classes, events, workshops and other offerings. This promotional opportunity is a distinct benefit of CYTA membership.