Yoga was very popular in the 1970’s.  Classes were abundant with students and venues. Over the course of our studies, a few felt the need to organize for the community and join our expertise in many field to expand educational possibilities.

One afternoon, in yoga teacher Sheila Bading’s living room, a handful of yogis from areas throughout Greater Cincinnati met and initiated the beginning of one of the longest and most influential yoga organizations, the Cincinnati Yoga Teachers Association. Gathering our expertise in various areas of business, yoga, and artistic endeavors, we wanted to create a unique and in-depth support system for all who taught and studied yoga and who wanted to continue learning. Drawing upon our resources, we were able to bring national and international Yoga teachers to Cincinnati for expert instruction in a variety of modalities.

As we journeyed through endless meeting regarding business construction models with Roberts Rules, CYTA became a viable source of community and education for the entire holistic movement.

We were one of the very first professional organizations and only second in number of members to the California Yoga Association. We were a well-respected model and assisted with starting other organizations.

CYTA became well known for hosting major events in holistic health while creating and sponsoring yoga retreats known as Days of Yoga, which were very popular and educatoinal in a variety of holistic healing arts.

Community was a deeply important result of CYTA as our annual dinners and summer outings at the Kolish annual pool party were supported beyond anything we had imagined that first day.  We truly became a “family” with our roots in heart-centered relationships as the spirit of Bhakti yoga sparked the flame of friendships.

Here we are in 2016 with a well-rooted organization rich in history and with big ideas and enthusiasm for our present day and future.  Not unlike the 1970’s, yoga has many venues (ie studios, health clubs, churches, corporations hosting yoga programs).  My deepest wish is for many in our community to once again join CYTA as a place to be respected, discover friends, and a community in which all teachers and students can enjoy continued support and education.

I hope in our reaching out to the Greater Cincinnati yoga community, all will feel the rich history and be proud of our continued efforts to educate, support, and be in a supportive community with each other. I applaud the efforts of the past and look forward to an exciting future for the Cincinnati Yoga Association, an inclusive place to enjoy and be enriched.

Shanti Om

Diana Devi Guy